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PRJ GYANJAYA SCHOOL is one of the renowned school of the Ajmer Dist. (Raj.). This school is running by Padmaram Rakhi Jangid Education Trust. The opportunities presented during the childhood years are essentially of prime importance in the overall scheme of imparting value based education to the young and it will impinge on the final outcome. The success of a school should not be non measured by the quantity of the students it is able to produce per annum, but in the quality of the scholarship being imparted by it and it’s impact on the students. Generally, school is the place where children are sent for the purpose of learning the fundamentals of life and enhance knowledge. It is the responsibility of the educators to ensure that the child has the ideal setting to get successful. Parents also have the duty to evaluate the institution in which they wish to place their children because that single decision will have an impact on the child’s bright future. If the child is to be placed in a residential school, take away from the parent’s direct care, then the responsibility to evaluate keenly that institution becomes even more important. We are presenting our credentials here briefly, and request you to visit our website for more detailed information. You can feel free to contact us for any assistance or to clarify your doubts.

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